Nine birds, pencil, 2011

Her drawings have an intricate poignancy and beauty which resists morbidity. They are
solemn, but never overtly melancholy. It's almost as if there is an acknowledgement that a bird, in its very nature, would be impossible to draw in such a detailed way were it still alive in its environment, too quick and too high to contemplate. Birds merely fraternise with our grounded lives until they die. Throughout the collection, the detail and tuning of the artist's craft are always apparent (the simplicity of the medium, the complicit detail and shading of the pencil, the chosen
compositions) and tie the individual drawings together. This artistic skill and sensitivity gently reinforces the overall tone which is both
natural and assured, both open and captivating. As an observer you're not shackled to any coercive symbolism but free to interpret from as many, or as few angles, as you wish.